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10 December 2012

How to Project Manage an Office Move

Unfortunately, most people responsible for managing their company's office move are unfamiliar with the nuances of an office relocation and even project management.  So, if you're just starting out or looking of ways to project plan your office move, here are a few project management tips to keep in mind:

1. Plan Ahead

Think strategically and methodically about your reasons for moving, and what you want from the new office. You will find that planning ahead saves time - and even a few dollars in the long run.

2. Have a formal Project Plan

Having an Office Move Project Plan will make you think about your new office requirements and help to define the reasons for the relocation.  It also helps establish a budget and timeline.  Having all these things in place in the early stages will ensure a smooth transition for your business and staff.

3. Delegate

Managing an office move can be overwhelming, but don't think that you have to do it all by yourself.  Share the load with key people internally within your organization, and also hire Office Relocations Professionals to help you find an office, review the lease and get your belongings moved efficiently from A to B.

4. Keep on Track

Keep your office move on track by downloading the Moving Office Timeline. It has all the key dates that are important to a smooth relocation project.

5. Stay Focused

In the run up to your move day, it's easy to feel the pressure and loose focus.  Remember that your ultimate goal is to end up in the new office without disruption to the business.  Focus on this and keep your cool!

6. Get Quality Advisors

Finding the right mentors who can help deliver the key components of your office move can be very helpful. You'll need to find a Tenant Rep Broker, a Lawyer, an Office Design Company and an Office Moving Company.  Working with the right companies can mean all the difference between success and failure of your office move, so choose carefully and search our directory to find the best advisors in your area.

Download the Office Move Project Plan here >>

Office Move Planner

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