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8 November 2011

The chaos of moving, packing and re-organization can introduce health and safety concerns that would not usually occur as part of your day-to-day business. It's important you are aware of office move safety and take the right precautions to ensure a safe and secure office relocation.

Office Moving Packing

Never attempt to move any heavy equipment.  Your Office Moving Company are paid to do this, and what's more, they have the manpower and expertise to move all your equipment safely.

Arriving at the new Office

  • Before staff arrive to start work at the new office, carry out a walk-through to check for any obvious safety or tripping hazards.
  • Ask your Office Moving Company to remove all boxes and packaging off the premises as soon as each box has been unpacked. 
  • Ensure that the main access routes are clear for staff and visitors arriving; particularly common areas and hallways where boxes tend to get dumped after they've been unpacked.

Office Furniture Safety Tips

  • If new office furniture is being purchased, ensure it complies with ergonimic standards.
  • If you are taking your existing office furniture with you when you move, use this opportunity to review whether ergonomic requirements are being met and how the suitability and safety of each workstation can be improved. 

IT Cabling

IT cables and wires are a common hazard, so be sure to plan your IT infrastructure and cabling well in advance of your move date to avoid having a "spaghetti jungle" of wires in the new workplace.  An IT Relocation Company will help plan this correctly for you.

Employee Training

Ensure your staff are familiar with how to use any new IT equipment or business phones you intend to use in the new office.  Training should preferably be done before the office move so as not to interrupt valuable business time when you get to the new office. 

After the office move, you will need to update your Health and Safety Policy in accordance with the new office.  Ask your Office Design Team to help put this together.

To ensure your office is moved safely, use a reputable Office Moving Company in your area. Click here to find.



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