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24 February 2012

Announcing Office Relocation to Employees

Organizational change, such as an office relocation, can be tricky to deal with.  It requires clear and concise communication that is well-planned and given regularly - this not only lessens the impact for the employee, but it also ensures a happy and seamless transition for everyone involved.

Before announcing your office relocation to employees, you need a clear Internal Communication Plan which sets out what messages you are going to give about the move. Explain to employees what has prompted the need to relocate and provide as much information as possible about the new office and location - not forgetting what benefits the new workplace might bring to the organization as a whole, as well as to staff.

Breaking the news to staff will need to be done early on in the moving office process so that rumours don't spread externally and fed back into your organization in a mishap way.  Decide how this is going to be treated. It's always advisable to have a senior figure within the organization to announce the office relocation, as it carries more weight, vision and positivity.

Provide employees with a timeframe for the move and when they are likely to receive more updates about how the new office is progressing.  The intranet is always a good method of communicating the office move; where you can include photos of the new office, location maps and public transport information.

Anticipate questions from staff who may have fears about the new environment, and how the office move is going to affect them. Some employees may fear the worst, such as job security.  The key here is to reassure and keep them engaged throughout the process so morale levels and productivity are maintained.

For more information about announcing the office relocation to employees, download the HR Guide to Moving Office. It offers practical tips to guide your employees through a smooth and happy office move.

HR Guide to Moving Office


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