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28 April 2014

Tenant Rep Broker - their importance in your office move

If you are looking for new office space and thinking of trying to do it all yourself – think again! Because using a good local Tenant Rep Broker will help you to uncover economic opportunities, save time & money - and help you make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right office space.

Using a Tenant Rep Broker to help you find the right office space is not only essential – it’s sound business! It eliminates many of the hassles associated with choosing office space, helps to get the most value from your office lease terms and also saves you heaps of time!

So if you are still thinking of trying find office space yourself – ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have the time and expertise to research the commercial property market?
  • Do you have access to a complete database of all available properties (including those that are “off-market”)?
  • Do you have the time and expertise to negotiate with the landlord and his/her Tenant Rep Broker whilst still continuing with your day-to-day responsibilities?
  • Are you familiar with the commercial property market and have a full understanding of market rents?
  • Can you confidently determine your own office space requirements (both now and in the future) so that you can match the right office property to your business needs?

If the answer is No to all or most of these questions - you need to leave the important task of finding office space to a good Tenant Rep Broker.

Selecting office space for your business - and successfully negotiating the most attractive lease terms - are complex, time-consuming tasks, full of potential pitfalls. For clarity, peace of mind and many cost saving benefits, make sure you use a local Tenant Rep Broker who has expertise in representing tenants. 

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