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18 November 2011

Announcing your Office Move

An important part of planning an office move is deciding how (and when) you are going to notify your customers about your new address and contact details. 

It may be tempting to overlook this essential task with so many other things to organize before the big Office Moving Day. However, best practice suggests that announcing your office move to clients should be done at least a month before you actually move office.  This gives your organization enough time to inform everyone and allows your customers to anticipate any potential business disruption that may occur around Office Moving Day.

The task of announcing your office move is made much easier thanks to this handy "We are Moving Office" Letter Template. Simply download it to your PC, customize it with your new office details on and use it as a Mail Merge File or via your company's CRM System. 

Don't forget it's not only your customers you need to consider. There's a whole host of utilities, organizations and office service providers who need to be informed about your forthcoming office move.  Use the Change of Address Letter Template for Service Organizations which can be found here.  You'll need to include your Account Number / Reference where applicable so their records can be quickly updated and your services easily transferred to the new office.

And to make life even easier for companies moving office, there's a Change of Address Checklist for you to use and tick off organizations as you announce your office move.

Change of Address Checklist

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